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I have been working within the fitness industry for 3 years now.  Before then, I grew up playing all different kinds of sports and was a 3-sport high school athlete.  I loved the  dynamic of being an athlete and having an active lifestyle. When I graduated high school and attended Utah State University, I started working behind the desk at the university’s gym, but soon realized that wasn’t enough for me. So, I became involved with teaching group fitness classes. I taught a class called “Body BLAST” (ran similar to a high-intensity interval training class), and absolutely fell in love with it! Since then I have taught cycling, barre, and cycling plus core classes.

My experience with being a group fitness instructor, and being in the Dietetics program, led me to my desire to become a Certified Personal Trainer.  I have learned how to find self-confidence in myself and my body, and peace with food and stress. My goal is to help others do the same through personal training.  I love how fitness and nutrition have the ability to transform not just physical health, but mental and emotional wellness.  I’m all about finding balance in life, and helping others to make and reach their goals (becoming stronger, weight loss, body toning, run a marathon, etc).  I believe that everyone has their own fitness and health journey.  No matter where you are at I would love to get to know you, work with you, and create a personal exercise program that is fit just for you.  Whether it be face-to-face, an online program, or a Skype session we can discuss the right program for you.

What you can expect when you purchase sessions from me:

  • Fit3D full body testing that provides you with: muscles measurements, body fat percentages, body shape rating, wellness glossary, lean vs fat mass, and posture analysis.  (More info here:
  • Fitness Assessments that cover 3-5 components of fitness.  Examples include: cardiovascular endurance; muscular strength and endurance encompassing upper body, lower body and core; balance; flexibility; and any muscular imbalances.
  • Personalized fitness plan to meet your goals.
    • Using a range of equipment to both challenge you and create variety in your sessions.
    • Development of the most efficient workout for your available time.
    • Use of fitness logs to help monitor progress & keep record of personalized workouts.

Prices per session include:

# of sessions Cost
1-5 $35
6-9 $32
10-14 $31
15+ $30

**If you decide to purchase face-to-face sessions we will be using Utah State University’s facilities.  If you are a Utah State University student there is a 10$ discount, if you are Utah State University staff/faculty there is a 5$ discount PER SESSION.

Clink Contact Me to get started on an exercise program perfect for you!

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