Roundtrip Tickets to Venice for $350

On August 24th, 2017 I returned home from a trip to Italy and Switzerland with my husband, sister, and friend.  We found roundtrip tickets from SLC to Venice for $350.00 because of Scott’s Cheap Flights notifications!  We flew with United and the price included everything; our flights didn’t have bag fees.
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It was the start of Summer 2017, sometime in May when I woke up to an email notification from Scott showing a big Europe sell.  I scrolled down to find Salt Lake City on the list and started searching google flights & momado from there.  I called my husband, who was at work, to tell him about this deal.  In the meantime I talked to my sister to see if she wanted to join and my boss to see if I could get time off. I knew a deal this good wouldn’t last long…maybe not even 24 hours! So, around 4pm that same day we bought 4 flights to Venice.  It was such a quick decision, but the best decision.  We have no regrets whatsoever!
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We travelled for two weeks starting out in Venice.  From there we went on to Bern & Wengen, Switzerland. Holy smokes!! We have never seen anything more beautiful and i’m not sure we ever will.  Those Swiss Alps are breathtaking! Although coming from America we are not used to the strong smell of cheese, so our hotel restaurant made it hard to breath the first few minutes of entering in! hahah 🙂 The fondue was amazing though!  From Switzerland we traveled down to the Amalfi Coast and enjoyed the amazing weather and beautiful pastel-colored buildings! All of it was a dream…and it all happened because of the cheap flights we found.
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