A Registered Dietitian’s View on Macro Counting & Reasons Why Macro Counting Might Not Be a Good Idea

This post has been long waited for. I’ve had many requests for my opinion on this topic, but truthfully it’s taken me a while to write because I wanted to find the best words to clearly explain my feelings. Before I start, please keep in mind that these words are strictly my opinion that has […]

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Benefits of Jumping Rope & Reasons Why You Should Consider Adding it to Your Fitness Program

Jumping rope is an easy, relatively inexpensive way to target a wide range of muscle groups. A jump rope slipped in your backpack or bag can be brought along on a trip, to work, school or done in the living room while watching TV. Once you have your rope, make sure it fits you comfortably.  […]

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Focus on Flexibility

Although research shows flexibility training has many benefits, people often neglect this aspect of fitness. Yes, me included! Yet, the more I learn about the benefits the more I realize stretching is well worth the small amount of effort it requires. There are many kinds of stretches thought to help improve flexibility such as: ballistic stretching dynamic stretching […]

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