These days, I am all about healthy, nourishing foods- whether that be for the body or for the soul  (Chocolate, you are my second love).

Through the Dietetics program and my love of food, I developed a love of cooking and spending time in the kitchen. I am borderline obsessed with putting healthy and unique spins on traditionally ‘unhealthy’ foods or those stigmatized as such. Through trial and error, I’ve come to become passionate about sharing my successful recipes and catering to those who follow various diets including paleo, gluten free, vegan, and sugar free.



I’ve always had a love and appreciation for exercise.  I grew up participating in ballet, tap dance, clogging, soccer, basketball, golf, track…oh you name it & I’ve probably tried it.  I was very competitive and wanted to be involved in everything (not a lot has changed..) I’m now a fitness instructor at Utah State University where I teach multiple classes & LOVE it! Here I’ll be posting tips, strategies, and any other information I find noteworthy!